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Eating Jerky Is pure Bliss for some Folks
Big Bobs Jerky  started  years ago
Reason" as I got older ,just harder to drag out of the wods an elk
Rain, Cold, Tired of trucking up and down moutains & revens.
Old man" I tell ya
So I build a smoker and Started Big Bobs Jerky in Idaho
Soon Had a freezer  full of Elk, Deer, Bear, Salmon, Moose Pheasent, and Lama
and NEVER left the Farm.
And alot of happy folks  with pockets full of
Tasety Homemade Jerky

How's The Fishing

Love fishing in the Rouge River
New Smoke House


Slice That up  and Jerky for the fishing trip

write us
Hunting Is the way you Get wild Jerky

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